Buzz Fly RC helicopters

FE - the flybarless Buzz!

Buzz Fly FE
The revolutionary tech of the flybarless edition Buzz Fly makes it an exceptional sub-micro flyer. With no aerodynamic drag from a flybar, plus the reduction in component weight, the FE is easily able to achieve double-digit flying times. The advanced 3-axis gyro provides great stability - even for beginners. Main and tail motors are brushless and the rotorhead is CNC aluminium - both making the FE a reliable and durable performer. Supplied as standard with the new BF4i transmitter - allowing adjustment of control inputs to suit your flying skill.

3DS - the biggest Buzz yet!

Buzz Fly 3DS
Equipped with a shaft driven tail and head lock gyro, the new Buzz Fly 3DS offers incredibly precise, responsive flight performance. The brushless main motor, digital servos, CNC rotorhead, and 2.4G radio make an unbeatable specification in such a small helicopter.

Let it BE...

Buzz Fly BE
Following on from the 3D the latest Buzz Fly BE (Brushless Edition) has dual brushless motors and CNC aluminium rotorhead. Being only slightly bigger than the original Fly, it can handle flying in smaller indoor spaces - the more efficient motors giving greater power and allowing longer flight times.

Buzz Fly 3D Unleashed...

Buzz Fly 3D
The new BuzzFlyer Buzz Fly 3D features brushless main and tail motors, digital servos, CNC aluminium rotorhead, CCPM control and 2.4Ghz radio system. A genuine 3D-capable sub-micro helicopter, it's the first Buzz Fly to be optionally available with the programmable BuzzFlyer BF8 transmitter.

Buzz Fly SE (Special Edition)

Buzz Fly SE

An upgraded version of the original BuzzFlyer Buzz Fly came out in November 2008. Named the Buzz Fly SE (special edition) it has red anodised CNC rotorhead and improved electronics..

Buzz Fly 2.4

Buzz Fly 2.4G

The Buzz Fly now offered with the latest 2.4ghz radio control technology. A few electronic upgrades are incorperated into the servos and control board. The transmitter is now a 'full-sized' version.

co-axial Buzz Fly CX

Buzz Fly CX

The co-axial Buzz Fly CX arrived in March 2008. Offering very stable flight characteristics it is the ideal indoor RC helicopter. Entertaining for the experienced flyer and a genuine 4 channel trainer for the novice.

Buzz Fly is (air)born!

Buzz Fly

The original Buzz Fly released by BuzzFlyer in November 2007. It set the benchmark for sub-micro electric helicopter design. The first models featured 35mhz radio control - the 2.4G versions (shown above) were made available in May 2008.

Buzz Fly Reviews

It's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It looks like a cute miniature model on my bookcase but it actually flies, and with the stability and characteristics of a much bigger RC helicopter! I still cannot believe my eyes when ití»s flying. Now I can practice every day and get a real buzz instead of a simulator(ed) one. 11 out of 10 for the Buzz Fly!

Geoff Atkinson, Isle of Man

Just bought the Buzz Fly CX 2.4G Deluxe, it arrived today and I'm over the moon with the quality of this and also the way it flys, after my 2nd charge of practicing i had it hovering for well over 5 minutes with nice small movements, its a great start to learning.......and its well addictive for even me at 35yrs old.

Richard, Arbroath

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